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Living Your Life to the Fullest

July 12, 2011

I am suspicious. This quest reminds me of a children’s story where the chicken asks the cow “AM I ENOUGH?” and the cow says “Let’s ask the pig”, and they go down the road asking each successive animal on the search…only to be eaten by a fox or to have known the answer all along. So I am on a search without trekking to Nepal and without prayer or psychoanalysis. I only know that I keep finding other women who have raised their families and  completed their professional careers with dignity. They  now  watch their husbands languish on the golf course or  disappear into the ground or with their secretaries. These women need to redirect themselves because the social groups and rules have pushed them into the abyss.

Unlike our mothers (whom we are terrified of becoming like every generation before us) we do not want to expire on the sofa watching the door. We want to have a home in our souls to return to but we want to be part of a busy exciting world. We always have been. To sit patiently waiting for the rest of life is a death knell in itself. We give our power away: to our children, our friends, or passing strangers with promises of fitting in or being needed.

This blog is for  those of us who have recommitted the last third part of our lives to our grandchildren, our sports, our arts, our volunteer work, our new jobs, our travels… OUR DREAMS. So let’s explore.


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