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When I’m 64 – Return of the Beatles and Realization of a Female Boomer.

July 10, 2011

When I turned 50, the message was clear: save your body and face, use a trainer, spin, pilates, botox, restylene or Olay. It kept me busy for 10 years.

Now that I am in my 60’s and have buried one husband and walked out on a second, and my children are grown educated and independent, Paul McCartney’s song haunts me. I am 63. I no longer care if anyone loves me. I no longer care if anyone needs me. I am trying to become the sole love of my life at 64. Problem is … I don’t know who I am, or if I even like myself at 63. The reality of 64 is creeping up, and having devoted my whole life to others, IT IS TIME TO BE SELFISH AND TO BE ENOUGH.   IT IS TIME TO BE 64.


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  1. We all need love. Just don’t make it the reason for living cause then you can be disappointed. Everyone has different capacities to love, to share and to give. When we finaLly figure out that no matter how hard we try we will always have a part of us that is separate and unique than you are ready to move on and make life happen.
    Thank you for sharing and I like the metaphor to when I’m 64. Love you

  2. Janet Polivy permalink

    You’ve hit the nail on the head! I hope everyone is listening!

  3. Paula Gardner permalink

    I have watched you evolve and take control of your life. Starting this blog is another great positive step you have taken in defining who you are and reaching out to others who can relate to your life experiences. I think this is a brilliant path. By blogging you get to share your thoughts and discover your authentic self and get great feedback from other great women who have had challenging l ife experiences. Way to go girl. Paula

  4. Terry Cohen permalink

    You are on to something for sure.
    However, my comment is that is not at all selfish to honour yourself. It’s plain smart.
    It’s okay to be self- directed for as long as it takes to discover that place in your heart where you are at peace with who you are. Your family and friends will be proud to learn from your example of living your life as you wish to live it.
    And my second comment is that you are an accomplished, intelligent, witty person right now. You are a great mom and your kids love you. You are a good friend to many people. You are whole right now; the next steps you choose to take will enrich an already great person.
    Mostly, remember to have some fun while you are on this journey of discovering who you are at 64.
    The future will unfold in the most beautiful way yet!!!

  5. dear boomerthing,
    64 is good, but it is only a number. i believe that like me…if you don’t check the mirror out first, you too could feel like getting on the camp bus. by the way, that mirror probably is not really reflecting your beautiful true image, but the one that you perceive that others see. let go of what you can and just be. so many people love you and admire you. you have raised wonderful children, have great friends and are ready for adventure when it comes along. you are wonderful…all your friends are a testament ti that,,,you just have to recognize what most people see and it’s all good. not perfect, but then again perfect would be totally boring and horrible to be with.
    xoxo abigmomma

  6. Penny permalink

    Hey. having surpassed 63 and now on to 64. It just keeps getting better. time to focus on what is positive in life and enjoy it. You are amazing. Love you. Penny

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